Is there any difference between fancy expensive lingerie and cheap lingerie ?

I’ve never spent much on lingerie no one sees it I’m as single as it gets anyway just wondering is there really difference between standard lingerie that you can get from local supermarkets and the lingerie you get at stores like Victoria’s Secret or Anne summers etc ? They look pretty similar obviously much more choice at lingerie stores but in terms of fit and quiality can you see and feel the difference


The cheap stuff may not fit as well or hold up as well. If you are just wearing it for underwear and not putting on any pole dancing shows, the cheap stuff is fine. It is sewn quickly on big machines, so can easily have some flaws.

Angelina J.

Definitely. When I was poor I bought H&M and other thrift shop clothing. The bras were painful and they still look tasteless today. The "lace" is not real lace -duh, real lace is made by belgian nuns - but it is more than that. It is cheaply cut stretchy crap that just looks and feels cheap. It is not sexy, I wouldn't get arroused if I were a man. Since I have a lot of money I buy thr most beautiful brand on earth: Lise Charmel. Real French lace, silk, satin and amazing feminine colors, flowers. The lingerie I always dreamed of.


There is certainly a difference in quality and fit when it comes to bras but not so much with panties. In fact I think the luxury lingerie brand names charge way to much for them.


Lingerie in a supermarket? I've never seen that. However, there's a definite difference in quality. (styles, material, construction, etc.) Good quality lingerie usually looks better & lasts longer. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with buying inexpensive lingerie if you're satisfied with it. :)


nope just the name of the place where you buy it from