Should I get a refund or let it be, amazon?

So I bought this necklace a couple weeks ago for my giflfriend (waiting until valentines), and yeah it cost me around a 150 bucks. Thing is I’m a broke *** college student lol. Well I have a job, but I still think that’s pretty pricy based on my budget. Anyways, I checked 10 minutes ago and it’s 33 percent off for the same exact necklace from the same seller. Should I just let it pass or should I return it? Or message the seller? I don’t know. Is it even worth it? What would you do?


Its worth messaging the seller and asking if they will give you the discount. Most of the time when i contact a seller they are really nice and willing to work with me as long as I leave a good review of them. If not, return the item. Amazon will send you a return label so all you need to do is package it back up and drop it off at a designated location. Then buy the necklace at a discount once the return has processed. Be careful though, you might miss the sale if you wait for the return to process. It takes a while with returns, so if you can spare the cash, and can spare being super broke for a few days, buy the necklace on sale while you are waiting for the return to process.


Contact the seller and ask them to give you the discount otherwise you will return the necklace.


return it and buy it again. or spend that money taking her out for dinner. If she's in into makeup get her a Sephora gift card


Wow as shitty as it sounds if I were you I’d return it and steal that sale!


u missed the sale