Shouldnt bigger clothing sizes cost more?



They do. Example-Blair. 3- 4 dollars more when you get into plus sizes.


The amount of fabric needed to make a small, medium, large, or extra large garment is virtually the same, just with more waste for the smaller sizes. Say I'm making a shirt. There's a front, a back, and two sleeves. The length of the pieces will vary no more than a few inches. The width will vary more, but not so much I can cut the front and back side by side on my piece of fabric in the small sizes and not in the large ones. If you sew, you see this all the time. The fabric needs will be very close, maybe 9 inches different, from size to size, all of it going to length.


Yes, it costs more to make bigger clothing


Personally, I don't think so, but I see why it is since it may take more materials to make the clothing.

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They do cost more. If you will look in catalogs, you will see that Women's sizes (1X and up) cost $5.00 more per item.


Usually they do.


No. We should treat people's not always a persons fault if they are larger i.e. if they have an underlying health condition that makes them larger, then it would be fair for them to suffer more by a higher price tag.


The cost of the cloth shouldn't be depending on its size.


They do. So why are you even asking the question?


no they shouldn't have anything to do with the cost as clothes cost enough already