Can I dye my hair back to brown at home?

So about 7 months ago I got a balayage. It wasn’t really light though. However, after 3 months of having it I got really tired of it because of how damaged it felt so I decided to cut my hair up to about my collarbones. This is how my hair recently looks. I now want to dye my hair back to my natural hair color but I am not sure if I can use box hair dye, what shade to use, if I should use a filler or not. I am basically clueless on what to do or use.


I would do a deep conditioning treatment and a protein treatment before dyeing your hair. This will help prep your hair for the color so it takes evenly. I personally would go with a semi permanent color. This way if you end up with a result you odn't like it will wash out. Go with a color that is most similar to your roots. IF you use a box dye, you don't need anything more than what comes in the box. If you go to a salon supply store, like sally's, you will need color and developer. The developer sort of activates the color and allows it to chemically react with the hair. This comes with the box color, its the white stuff you mix in, but its just premeasured, with the developer concentration already chosen for you. Personally I like the box method, just because its easier. You can also go to a professional at a salon and have them help you chose a natural looking permanent color. They know what they are doing so it takes all of the guesswork out of it.

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Dye it back, but professionally. To avoid damage from the chemical in you hair already from the hair dye.


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