Does Purple De-brasing shampoo harm hair to keep it blonde?

began using the purple shampoo: MATRIX total results™ brass off color obsessed shampoo to neutralize brassy tones in order to keep darkening blonde roots blonder. Wondering if this's harming or stripping hair in some way that's unhealthy for it. It was hair dresser recommended to a near white blonde female friend.


No it doesn’t


All purple shampoos will be somewhat drying to extent, especially the cheaper ones. The reason behind it is the chemical that keeps the blonde (purple toner) in the shampoo can cause some drying, no matter what shampoo it is. The key is to only use purple shampoo once a week, or when absolutely necessary... if the blonde color isn't bright enough, it's then not the purple shampoos fault but that the hair is not bleached (lightened) enough, that there are golden (brassy) hues to the hair because the color itself is still somewhat orange/ yellowish still, therefore another bleaching process may be needed in order to get to a level 9 or 10.

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Angelina J.

I find it makes my hair feel a bit cakey and when I scratch my scalp I find purple gunk under my nails. But I like the one by Wella


It can. Usually purple shampoos like this are very stripping and drying. Many of them have sulfates and other harmful chemicals. If the color of the shampoo is very very dark, you don't need to use it often, so even if it is harmful to the hair it isn't being used every time you shampoo. This gives the hair a chance to recover. I would also consider doing a deep conditioning treatment with a bit of toner added in. This will help tone the hair and condition it. I don't know the ingredients of this specific product, but you can look on the back and easily see if there are harmful chemicals or things in there that you don't want. Even then, you don't use this every time you shampoo, so its not the end of the world. A person who has bleached hair should be doing deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments weekly to keep the hair nice.