Eyebrows microbladed?! Help... advise?

I had my eyebrows microbladed yesterday, after having them done and the reveal, they are everything I wanted and MORE.... beautiful, perfect, hair strokes as natural as can be. Today, they are thicker, darker and slightly with a ginger tone? Bare in mind my hair is black so ginger brows isn’t a good look on me. Is this normal?! For day 2? Thick dark ginger brows? When they were soft, gentle and brown upon reveal?!


They will look more like the initial reveal than they do now once they heal. Right now, you have given your skin and body time to react to the tattooing. Your brows are red and swollen, which is why they look so big and red. Because they are. Once your skin heals and the tattoo itself heals it will look better because your skin won't be freaking out. Care for them like your artist has recommended. Caring for microbladed brows is very different than a normal tattoo, so if you have questions about your brows call your brow artist, not us. They know more about it than we do, so they can tell you if something is concerning or not.


If they look gingery, it's only because the skin underneath is read from that tattooing. That red is shining through, making it look gingery. It takes about a weak for the wounds to heal. As for thicker, it's caused by swelling. They're not really thicker. It's just the skin is swollen, causing the hair follicles to lift a little and the hairs to raise a little of the skin and creating the illusion that they're thicker. Obviously, they're not really thicker. You didn't grow entire hairs overnight.