How to better straighten my hair as a male with shortish hair?

I already have straight hair I use a straightener to make my hair look nicer.. i usually get my mom or sister to straighten my hair bc it always comes out better when someone else straightens my hair, but when i try to straighten my own hair it's hard to do so and never comes out as nice, i have shortish-medium length hair


Ask them to show you how to straighten your hair. The general rule is to section off the hair, so start at the bottom of your head and clip up the rest of the hair. Straighten that, then bring down more hair, clip up the rest, and straighten the new pieces. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to straighten hair of all lengths and textures. If you are straightening your hair regularly, please invest in a heat protectant spray, it helps protect your hair from the intense heat of straightening.

Curly Headed Girl

Try heat protectant and I recommend a titanium straightener rather than a ceramic.