Inexpensive and daily alternative to Nair (depilatory cream) such as a body wash?

I have some hair on my shoulders and surrounding areas that I would like to do without. I dislike the option of laser hair removal due to the high upfront cost, and I dislike the option of products like Nair because you have to wait for the hair to start to grow back to treat it. Is there a depilatory solution, such as a body wash... that I can just throw on once a day when I take a shower? I like the idea of being able to be proactive with a daily application, the privacy of doing it in the shower, and the possibility of a low-cost solution.

Steve P

Depilatories simply can't work without hair to work with, and as you say, that is their big downside. What is the point of using one when you have to then let the hair grow back out in order to use it again? If professional laser is not something you want to do, then you need to investigate at home laser type treatments. I believe there are some products that are "supposed" to work well, but they are not cheap either. Your only other choice is to actually shave. If you use a good quality body shaver and use it in the shower while your skin is soapy, you will find it is fast and easy to do with good results. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.


Nair is a low cost private solution. With all hair removal methods, including laser hair removal, there needs to be hair there to remove.