Girls, how do you put makeup on everyday?

for girls who wear makeup everyday, how are you able to have time to wear and apply everyday. I did it for one day and broke out like crazy. I had to let my skin breathe for a week. How do you wear it on a daily basis? I don't get how you can do it everyday and your skin would be perfect and won't break out

Linda S

It's not that difficult to wear make-up every day and still have amazing skin with no build up and break outs. If you broke out from one application then you either put your make-up on dirty skin or you are allergic. Make-up needs to go on clean moisturized skin, there can't be any dirt, oil or dead skin flakes on your skin when you put it on. and at the end of the day it all needs to be cleaned off. Cleansing is the most important part of make up and it needs to be done before make up goes on in the morning and every evening before bed. When I wear make-up whether every day or occasionally I always take time at the end of the day to remove it. Even on nights where I'm exhausted I clean it away with some make-up remover wipes on my bedside table. So the secret to wearing make up every day is clean skin, morning and definitely in the evening -removing it and not letting it build up on the face. Not cleaning the skin is what leads to break-outs and skin problems.


You need to try different brands till you find one that doesn't.bother you.

Pearl L

i dont wear nnakeup but if you broke out like that you could be allergic to it while theyre not, that nnight be how they do it