Jeffree Star product selection help! Gift for girlfriend!?

My girlfriend of 2 years is a HUGE fan of Jeffree Star and all his makeup and videos. However, I don't know a damn thing about makeup. Valentines is coming, and her birthday is a week after. (RIP bank account) SO, I need some girly advice here because I'm honest to God clueless. She is 20, Mexican, and with darker skin color, and has really beautiful eyes. She doesn't wear extravagant colored makeup. Just usual standard skin tone makeup? (I'm sure I'm sounding really uncultured in the makeup world right now.) I do notice she LOVES eyeliner. I bought her a "Better than Sex" mascara last year for Christmas and she loves that. She's not a crazy colored makeup person, just the basic skin colored ones. Maybe she'd like the crazy colored ones? I looked into the mystery boxes that will be released today. But from hearing reviews, it's basically a "leftovers" box? I don't want that. I keep hearing the alien pallet is good? I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! Can you please help me pick out something for her? Price does not matter to me. PLEASE, feel free to drop links below to Jeffree Star's products below. I will respond to all questions! Thank you!


You may be hard pressed to get's out of stock everywhere my friends shop does pre orders and the next shipment has sold out before it's even got to her. Gift card


You should get one of his limited edition kits. Or a makeup pallette


We'll I don't know about jeffree star products but the Nude eyeshadow palettes are skin coloured why don't you just go to Superdrug they sell really good eyeshadow palettes


Just get a gift certificate.