Do u like it when men wear baseball caps backwards?

and please rate both older men for their looks from 1-10? or please say who u think is better looking? if u want a best answer and thumbs up please answer the question about the pics. Thanks


Backward baseball caps were the fashion in like 1980. Now it just looks cringy. Well the picture on the right looks 40 years older than the person on the left because the person on the left his face isn't very well shown. The person on the left is more attractive since I'm not into 70 year old looking men.


It's an indicator of intellect. Or rather, lack of it.


The baseball cap thing is totally ghetto. Says something about the wearer.


I don't know either so I only have their looks to judge by, but here's what I think; The man wearing the baseball cap is much more UNATTRACTIVE in my personal opinion. He appears to be someone who has not moved on from his years in High School, for wearing a baseball cap backwards is a trend most popular amongst teenagers. He appears to be less mature than the other one as a result. He appears physically younger than the other one as well, mid 40's vs. late 50's. From a first glance, the one without the hat appears to be the better option of the two. He appears to be someone whose been through a few major, potentially live changing events in his life already, including maybe even having seen a kid grow up (all 18 years) or having lost his wife, and thus if a woman were to pursue a relationship with him, he would be on a much different emotional level that most younger men simply don't know how to feel because they haven't been through it before. Looks only serve for a first impression- the longer you know someone, you'll find the more or less beautiful they will become. My first relationship started out as eh on the looks scale, then mid-relationship she, to me, was the most beautiful woman ever, but now time has passed since the break up, and she's not all that looks-wise to me anymore. Same pictures as then, just not the same emotional connection to bolster it.


it looks fashionable