EXTREMELY unconfident help?

I’m 18 and I’ve pretty much lost all of my confidence, on selfies I look so much uglier than I do in the mirror, I know it’s a brain trick, but seriously, red face, bad skin, crooked jaw (makes my lips crooked), one eye is slightly bigger and basically my face structure is ugly. My sister has been teasing me about it, and at this point I don’t care anymore, it got to the point where I can’t look at people anymore, I dropped out of school, and pretty much don’t give a **** anymore. I still got friends, know how to dress etc, but it’s just my appearance, like I always wear a cap or a hoodie, that’s one reason I dropped out because we couldn’t use our hoodies or cap inside, it’s sounds stupid af and it is, but that’s just how it is y feel me. Is there any way I could gain my confidence back. I’m from LA, and this place is like you can’t look ugly. I never go out in daylight because I know I looo uglier in light. It kills me, idk what to do, help.


you shouldnt feel like youre ugly cause god dont nnake junk

I know everything

My answer to you is for you to embrace what you have and to be unapologetic and appreciate what God has given you. You are far more than your appearance although it might be hard to digest that at your age. Many young girls with extreme good looks also feel insecure because they dont appreciate what they have. You were born for a reason and the world seriously NEEDS YOU to be exactly how you are. There is only one person like you and please don’t hide it because we need who you are.