Melty banana is good for hair?



heck yes, mine is so thick now and less oily!


no it isn't as it won't do anything for your hair


Is it? How nice of you to let us know.

Fat Brian 🐄


Elyse Rose

Banana is good for other things too.



Linda S

Bananas contain a type of lacquer called Isoamyl acetate also called isopentyl acetate that can coat the hair shaft, fill in rough spots and add shine. Unfortunately the lacquer washes off after one or two shampoos. It s often used to thin out thicker lacquers and was extensively used by artists long ago for gilding with gold leaf. It s a temporary fix for adding a bit of shine to rough hair. In hair products this is called "banana oil" and some places mistakenly call it "banana protein" It s not a protein, it s nothing more than a chemical ester that give bananas their distinctive smell.


No. Applying food to hair does freakin' nothing. No need to stop up a drain with it.


Ugh. What a mess that would be. Just go to the $ store and get some conditioner.

Good Man

No , I do not agree