Will lifting weights make my face better looking(sharper and pointeier jawline and masculine features) or will it stay the same?

I'm a skinny 22 y/o guy and the past year I've made an effort to lose weight so I can at least look like a normal human being and have some self esteem with my confidence. However, I recently I recently got a gym membership nearby where I live and the guys the go there are AT LEAST 7-8s in looks. I'm around a 6-6.5 myself but that still puts me at jeopardy bc if I'm a smart and confident person BUT I look just decent or below the standards of what some guys are(like in the gym) the would not look at me twice and they'd rather **** and have a relationship with guys that have all the qualities they want in a man INCLUDING good looks. Please don't tell me girls would rather date a guy who has a life but is ugly and knows how to carry himself, bc at the time of day and age, girls subconsciously care about how attractive their man is. 2019 standards are VERY high among most girls today so please just answer my question and not give me generalization responses about life.


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5/10 is the average. So if you're a 6.5, you're better than average. I think you meant 4 or 5. Why don't people understand this? Also lifting weights doesn't change the bone structure of your face. Cultivate a big, confident personality.