Any tattoos ideas?

I was thinking of getting one along the lines with a watch, tree branches and a rose and birds of some kind. No im not gonna copy someone


Ask your artist to come up with something.


Is it supposed to represent / symbolize some thing... you didn't tell us that. You can get a pocket watch, with those things around it or behind it.


Go see if an artist can come up with anything. 1 - this is their jobs. 2 - they enjoy (or should) making their own designs to be unique.


You have a number of elements here but they should be able to be blended into a flowing design. As previously mentioned the pocket watch idea will allow for the combining of multiple elements. Do some thinking, print out some ideas for each item separately and then take it to the artist. A good artist can create magic is you give them an idea to run with.


Yeah get an anchor and some skulls too ooh and a dragon and a snake and a dagger and a gun and some curly scripted statement that means so much to you and a portrait of your kid and a dolphin and some chinese characters oh the list of generic tattoos is endless. Why not get something completely original rather than take a picture you found on google to an artist and have them waste their time on COPYING someone elses stuff! :)

Timothy James

Sorry, I don't want to give specifics because it's your tattoo and I want you to pick something you'll enjoy your whole life, but I like the idea of the watch or perhaps a pocket watch design, but with a designed face. Perhaps you could merge the birds on a rose bush onto the watch face?