Hello. Can i use vaseline or olive oil over night on my face?? If i can then what will be best for tan & dark spots?vaseline or olive oil?



no you can't as it will only make your face oily

Linda S

Both will clog up you pores and lead to break outs and neither will do a thing for hyper-pigmentation. For dark spots due to unprotected sun exposure stabilized vitamin C serums are the best. Citrus juice such as oranges and lemons are too acidic and will burn the skin and also oxidize as soon as the juice leaves the fruit so a stabilized form of vitamin C that you apply to the skin directly works best. Vitamin C serums also reduce fine lines and improve the texture of skin because it is a mild exfoliant. After using vitamin C serums you do need to use a sunscreen every day on your face. And don t go overboard with vitamin C, a few drops are all you need. For more about vitamin C serums read this here: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/beauty/g19444642/best-vitamin-c-serums/


not would be terrible for your skin and would not help with anything


Do not use it unless your skin is very, very dry because you could get acne breakouts.