How can you tell if you have poor body odor?

I've heard before that we're "immune" to our own smell/scent, meaning we can't really tell if we have an odor to us. Is that really true? If so, how could we know if we aren't quite "fresh" ? Similarly, if you CAN smell a distinct scent coming from some part of your body, whether it's your underarms or elsewhere... does that mean other people can indefinitely tell too?


I'm presuming that if you notice your own body odor, then others shall too. If you bathe regularly and use antiperspirant/deodorant every day but still notice an odor, then please do let your doctor know about it, as someone else mentioned. Just an fyi that a deodorant is supposed to help prevent odor, and the antiperspirant is to work against perspiring or sweating. One may keep a calendar of when he or she has bathed or showered as the days tend to run into one another :) In between showering or bathing, one may use those moist hygienic wipes, such as those found at the feminine hygiene aisle. (However, even if they're labeled "flushable," they might still clog the toilet or septic tank.)


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If you can smell yourself others can definitely smell it! Some people have body odor and don't know because their sense of smell is weak. To be safe wash daily, wear deodorant and if you get sweaty don't wear those clothes too long.


If you can smell it, generally that means others can too. I always ask my friends. They always tell me I smell fine, not like Bo but I smell like fabric softener and deodorant, which I'm fine with. Wear a heavily scented deodorant, and use a heavily scented fabric softener with your clothing when you wash it. Bathe regularly, and keep clean in general. If you are doing all of this and you are worried that you smell, and others have confirmed that you smell, talk with your doctor. You might have a weird type of bacteria on your skin that is contributing to the odor, or it could be from the food you eat.

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If you are taking a bath or shower daily, using an antiperspirant, and putting on clean clothing each day, you should be ok. If you are a woman on her period who is using pads, there can be foul odors. If you work out or have a physical labor job and don't clean up properly, you could stink. If you eat highly spiced foreign foods, you could be producing horrid odors. If you have an unresolved health issue, there could be problems.


It’s called sensory adaptation and happens everywhere from not realizing the music we play is too loud for others to having a house that smells like pets to others, even perfume we wear. I don’t know how to “tell” if I have poor body odor but a tip would be to get a good fabric softener for laundry and use a light perfume or body spray that sorta matches a general scent theme.