Its my 16th birthday next week Should I get a belly button piercing or a nose piercing?

Don't answer if you're going to say don't get one cuz I really don't care and I'm still going to. And my mom is bringing me to get one of them done so I have a parent with

Kentucky Fried Rat

Neither. They look awful sorry


Facial jewelry is hideous.


Neither. You sound like an immature 10 year old when you start actually believing we give a rat's assss what you do or do not think of our replies.


Neither they look tacky... But if you really do get one, get the belly piercing...the nose one leaves a scar later on life and in case you don’t like it you’ll have that scar forever It looks really ugly, my Ma didn’t want hers anymore but she’s had to keep it in because of the scar

Fat Brian 🐄



don't waste your money forget it


Given that you don't care what we say; why are you even asking?


belly. I have noticed nose piercing on ugly people looks bad


Get the one you want the most


Belly button. That way you can show it off when you want to or hide it for like a job interview.


I would probably get a nose peircing because i know that belly button piercings tend to get infected easily :)


A nose piercing is more appropriate for a teen. A belly button piercing is a sexual piercing, you shouldn't have that as a child.


why not get the one you want