Should I get a Paddington 2 tattoo?

Wife says to just get a small image of Paddington, the character. I do enjoy the character and I did enjoy the first film but it's specifically the second movie that was more 'transcendent', watching for the first time gave me a warm feeling I never want to forget. Because the first movie didn't necessarily resonate the same - I don't think it's literally 'the character' of Paddington I am drawn to, but specifically the 2nd film as a whole. And I am worried without Paul King directing Paddington 3, they might ruin the series and an image of Paddington wouldn't hold up. So the plan was to get the movie title "Paddington 2" not sure where yet. Wife veto'd it on my chest above my heart. Wife voices concern so I am looking for opinions/advice from tattoo lovers, cinephiles, wives, you name it. Tried to submit this to the tattoo category but don't know how.


Personally, I think its a bit weird. I'm not a fan of word tattoos like this, its just so basic and uncreative. If it was this specific movie you really enjoyed, and not paddington in general, I would get a tattoo of paddington and some of his friends from just this movie. Not only is it actual art, but its not as strange as an adult man with the words paddington 2 on him.

Fat Brian 🐄


Pearl L

i think you should get whatever you want