Where can a 12 year old get a tragus piercing near philadelphia?



A professional piercer will be the one who does this piercing. Depending on the laws of the state and county, you might not be able to get this though. Call local piercing shops and ask if they will pierce a tragus on a 12 year old. If they will, ask them how much it costs and what paperwork you will need to bring. You will need a way to ID yourself, like a photo in your yearbook with your name, your birth certificate, and your parents will need their IDs. The cost will change depending on the jewelry you pick. There is a base cost for the poke of the needle, then there is the cost for the jewelry to put in your ear. They have different jewelry options, so the price changed depending on what you pick. Bigger fancy jewelry is more expensive. It is worth it to get nice jewelry, because you can't change this piercing for 6 - 12 months. Get something you will like and want to see every day. This is all assuming that they will pierce you though. There are laws that tell the shops what they can and can't do. A shop can also refuse to pierce you even if the law says its ok. I would look for an APP certified piercer, they are the best of the best. https://www.memberleap.com/members/directory/search_bootstrap.php?org_id=AOPP&B1=X They can also help you if you have any issues with your healing piercing.


Uncle John's red barn just outside of Glen Mills on Glenview road.


Please grow up first, thank you.


12 years is too young to know if you want that type of piercing, when you're 18 you will be more sure.