How can I gain more clientele ? What are other ways I can promote myself ? Thank you for helping !!?


Cali d

You didn't specify what you did for a living. I would say go old school and hustle the streets. That means, you are never in your house. Bar hop. Restaurant hop. Store hop. Walk the busy streets. Hang out outside bars with smokers and give them your card. Talk to everyone who passes you. In the bars, I like to gain people's trust by having drinks and laughs with them, even if it's my first time in the bar. First impressions are gold. Tell them about your business and how you can benefit them. Keep it light. If they want your biz card, give it to them, then zip your lip about business the rest of the night. Rinse and repeat. You need to hit the streets!


forget to add I am a licensed cosmetologist