Career choice?

Since I was a kid I had no definite career choice in mind. Growing up I always switched from one career to another and many taspects could easily affect my choices. Now Im almost in college and I have no idea what to take up the only thing I can say when someone asks me about my future is that I want to be “happy, well traveled, successful and have a family.” But ofc I need money to achieve most of those. I want to a career that’ll help me get a good paying job but I also want it to be something Im interested in but I just can’t figure out what. Now I feel like Im losing time and what if I’ll be rushed into choosing a course and end up regretting it and failing and being a failure and unsuccessful and unhappy just because I couldn’t figure sht out


go to BLS .gov and look at all the careers there...and pick one and then pick a backup.