Is $10/hour too low for entry level dental assistant?

I graduated school in December, just got offered a job at $10/hour. I accepted, because I am desperate for experience and some income. But I am feeling pretty bummed out by this amount and was expecting at least $12.


Start where you are and soon you'll be earning better money.


No! Not with the experience you are going to gain, that experience is valuable in the long run. Be happy!!


have you considered the military? they have plenty jobs in dental and other healthcare positions. though you may need a doctorate degree to practice medicine like you would in the civilian world. but you could at least become an officer, or start out as an E-4 in other branches. you can see the pay scale online too, as it's based on rank and time in grade. enlisted personnel only serve four years, so that could help get you the experience you desire as well for a potential career elsewhere.


Lol. I didn’t go to college at all, but I started a painting and remodeling company and I made $191,000 profit, after expenses, this past year (January 2018 thru December 2018). The problem is you’re way too reliant on an employer for income. Did it ever occur to you that you can create your own income? You also got yourself into a large amount of student loan debt in order to take an inherently low-paying, servant-like job. If you wanted to become a dentist, then you should’ve stayed in school to become a dentist, then worked as a dentist for high pay just long enough to save up enough money to start your own practice. There are a billion hipster girls just like yourself, thinking it’s cute to become a dental assistant. There’s way too many of them and not enough positions. Colleges are “sales pushers” now- they push the “careers” that seem “fun and fulfilling” in order to manipulate you into spending $60 grand on a degree. Real talk