Is inventory hard to learn?

I got a new job doing inventory at a car dealership, they know I have no experience so I know they'll train me but I'm so nervous as I've only worked with fast food!


I've done inventory when I used to work at community college. We normally stock for new student orientations so there are usually orientation t shirts, bags, cups, and you name it. My boss had me count everything but you don't have to just do it one by one. Sometimes I would put each inventory in stacks of 20 and when I get five stacks of 20 I put them in 100s and do it in repeat. That way if I mess up, I will know where to start back over instead of going all the way back. Just don't over think. It can be time consuming but it's very easy.


If you can count, and pay attention to what you're doing, you'll be ok


Take notes to help remember stuff. They will train you. Do not be afraid to ask questions.


All inventory is usually is counting products that are in stock and making a record of it. I've done some inventory / cycle counting for the ware house that I work for, it's a pretty easy job. But you do have to try to find things if the numbers don't add up.


Parts or cars? Both are simple.


Inventory is easy and almost fun when you get the hang of it. Don't be nervous, you'll do fine!


Omg seriously? A monkey can do it!. That's probably why they hired you!!