Manager spreading rumors?

My manager has been going around and telling people I'm a ho because he saw me talking to a male coworker in the break room when I have a boyfriend. I have known this male coworker for years, we went to the same school and when we were talking, it was literally about football and about work. My manager has been here for a couple months and I could tell he never liked me. He's a gay man, and nothing is wrong with that but I wanted to mention that because his personality is very flamboyant and he's loud. Sometimes he'll be yelling things in my ear while jumping up and down clapping and I kind of get annoyed and laugh awkwardly so maybe he thinks I'm a homophobe or something. I'm absolutely not, but maybe he thinks that which is why he's going around saying this. But basically I've heard from 3 different coworkers that my manager said he saw me in the break room flirting with a guy and that's such a sluty thing to do when I'm a relationship and he kept going on about it according to them. These 3 coworkers are not friends with each other and they're all different ages and in different departments so I don't think they linked up and decided to make a false story. And I've heard him talk about people before and say not so nice things. Usually I don't care what people think of me, but this is bothering me because I feel like at work you're not supposed to worry about your manager spreading rumors. Should I talk to him? Another manager about what's going on? Or just let it b


If you are new to the job, be very careful if you value your employment. If the manager is the jerk you say it is, give it time to hang itself without any input from you. Besides, you are becoming your group's heroine, just living there. It all pays the same. Then if you do get pinched and let go, that is the time to nail it.


"Hostile work environment"


Are you and your coworkers and manager(s) all in high school?

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FIRST, do not let this go. This manager is NOT being professional to you and honestly to your coworkers by putting them in the position of having to listen to sex harassment. I would actually go to his manager or if you have an HR department, go to them. Explain what is happening. Being called a slut is sexual harassment. Your manager is wrong and since he talks this way about other people, there is a pattern and I honestly don't feel going to him directly would solve anything. If he is doing this stuff, he doesn't see there is a problem.


If you can go another manager and talk to them about it. Document what he's saying and when he says it. If they don't do any thing then you should to HR and let them know what's going on. Talking directly to him probably won't do much.


What you describe is sexual harrassment and I would tell another manager.


I have a hard time believing this but on the off chance it's true, I would be talking to HR.