Help A CEO make an executive decision regarding his CFO. How should I let him go without getting sued?

CFO help built the company and owns shares. While I appreciate his efforts, he hasn't helped my company since. I'm trying to figure out how to let him go without have him get upset and sue me. I want to replace him for this other person within the company. We're supposed to meet on Friday but I want to do this before then. Thanks!

A Hunch

As a CEO, you probably don't have authority to let a C-level employee go. That's a decision made by the Board of Directors. As a manager, do you provide your direct reports with goals and objectives for their role? Generally, the CFO is responsible for cash flow and financial planning.


Consult an employment law attorney and push the meeting back at least a week or 2 to get your ducks in a row.


Need more information. What is your jurisdiction? Is the CFO an employee? Is there an employment contract?

Beverly S

Really depends on what you guys have in writing.. does he have ownership, if so what percent etc. You really need to have an atty. look at it and advise you.


Wouldn't it make more sense to talk to an attorney specializing in employment law than ask here?

Casey Y

We don't know where in the world you happen to be. There are attorney who specialize in Employment Practices Law...consult one about the situation and they can assist. Or, ask for random advice on the internet from people who have no clue about the laws in your jurisdiction. Hey, we provide good information...but we need to know where you are...

Maku GX

He was my only board member until he recently resigned. I provide the direct reports indeed. I'm CEO and as of now sole owner with all the voting rights. CFO is employed and works on an hourly basis. Which as of last month hasn't been more than 5 hrs. There's an employment contract.