How do I switch to a different electric supplier company?

I don't like my current electric supply company called "constellation". When I call them to cancel it, they'll keep switching me to other customer service people and they keep manipulating me. They won't let me get out. Do I just sign up with a different electric supplier and have them handle it?

Mr. Smartypants

Write them a letter telling them that you are quitting their service on X day (you pick the day), and that you will ignore any bills that come after that day. Include your account number and address, of course. Keep a copy, of course. Take the letter to the post office and tell them you want a registered mail (or certified mail. I'm not sure by they will be) with a receipt returned. (This costs $1.80. Less if you get an e-mail receipt, but you want the paper receipt). Now, when the bill comes after you've quit, there's an 800 number on the bill that you call if you have questions or comments about your bill. Call that number, just once, and tell the story to the person on the other end of the line. Make sure he/she has your account number.

Casey Y

Its awfully easy to cancel...just notify them that you want your service shut off and they will oblige. However, are you able to be serviced by another electrical company?? Is there another one in your area and you actually have options?

Don G

Are you sure there is another supplier of electricity in your area? Usually, electric utilities are a monopoly.