How much to rent an business area?

Such as Chicago, well like Brezservices, Inc. and how much and when to apply? 1) I need to hire a bush_ and no I didn't Copy_ of idiots 2) Rent out a mount of money from the bank, and that can from a College book =) and do worry I'll pay them back... 3) buy a model Spaceship and it look's like the picture below 4) Provide Snacks and goodies to the younger viewers 5) Dress in 4pc Suit RENT business suit, to show how serious I am in my busy Inc.


1- Hire a bush. Unless you mean you want to hire the ex president or a member of his family - you can rent one from a landscaping company or buy one and then give it to someone as a gift. ( Hiring a member of the Bush family $20,000 to $500,000 - buying a bush - $29.99) 2- Rent out an amount of money from the bank. That is called a loan - and they will expect you to pay it back. ($100,000.00 for 12 months at 4% - you will pay back approximately $8,667.00 per month) 3- Buy a model spaceship that looks like the picture below. there was ano picture...but I would go to a theater supply company and either rent one from them or hire them to build the one you want. (Spaceship - $10,000...unless you rent one...then probably $350. a day) 4- Provide snacks and goodies to the younger viewers. (? did I miss something? Viewers? if this is a live performance then How many will be there? 5,000??? Allow $3 per person for a drink box and some crackers) 5- Dress in 3 pc suit - rent suit to show how serious I am in my busy inc. You can get a nice suit at Kohls for $100. You can rent a nice suit for $55.00 per day. Just buy the suit, you may need it again. If you do not you can sell only wore it once is not like you washed your car in it. To rent a business area, just call the various rental agencies in the area you want to rent and ask them what they have available. You can even tell them how much you want to spend (example - $1,000 a month...or if you just need the space for a day...tell them I want 1,000 square feet of space for one day and I will pay $350.00...and then they will look for something that matches what you want!) You question was not phrased well, so I apologize if I have misunderstood what you require.

Steve D

English is your friend. There is not a complete or grammatically correct sentence anywhere in your question. But to try to interpret. One does not rent a business area, one rents an office or a location but area implies a larger piece of land which you would probably have to buy. Rent of an office will vary based upon the city you are in, the size of the space, the location within that city (to use your example, rent in Central Chicago will be significantly higher than rent on the outskirts of the city) and the usage (office versus industrial). Commercial rates are designated by price per square foot per year - so a $10/square foot office space for say 5,000 square feet will be $50,000 per year. So you will have to know what you are planning doing with the space and how much space you will need. For people, minimum wage is $8.25 an hour so hiring one employee full time will be about $17,000 a year plus payroll taxes (usually another 25%) of, say $4,000, so one non-professional person will run you $21,000 a year. A professional will run you much more - say anything from $35,000 on up plus benefits of say 33% (professionals will want health care, etc.) so another $10,000 - a mnimum of $45,000 a year - 10 employees will thus run you $450,000. To start up, you will need not only the rent, but also furnishing (desks, phones, computers, etc.) - for 10 people figure another few hundred thousand - say $200,000. Not sure what you need a spaceship or snacks for since you don't say. And no one will rent you a suit (and there is no such thing as a 4 piece suit - three piece suits are jacket, vest and pants, plus you will need dress shirts, ties, sacks, shoes). Figure off the rack, $400 per suit, semi tailored $750 and tailored $1,500 on up. 5 suits (one per business day) will run $2,000 to $10,000. Adding this all up, you could be looking at start up costs of $100,000 to $1,000,000. To get a loan, you will need $20,000 in cash (for the $100,000 start up) since banks will not lend more than 80% of start ups and even less if you do not have a good to excellent credit record, past experience in the field, and a well-written business (without these things you will not see a dime). For the $1 million start up expect to need at least $250,000 in cash and borrow the last $750,000 (same requirements). Given your lack of coherent writing, I would expect you to have to hire someone to write your business plan and then hire someone to run your business with you. Oh, and a suit is not an indicator as to how serious you are.


you do know you are making no sense?