Question about job searching, help please?

Recently I’ve been using apps like Indeed and Snagajob to look for jobs. I’m applying to work at restaurants as busser or a server but I’ve noticed that some jobs say that the job was posted “30+ days ago”. Does this mean the job must no longer be available by now? Also I’ve been thinking of just calling to some of the restaurants I’ve applied to and ask the manager if they have any positions available. For example I’ve applied to the Cheesecake Factory , the job was posted about a week ago. Should I call them and ask if jobs are still available or am I better off going to speak to the manager personally? What can I do? I really want to get a restaurant job. Someone please help.


It might be filled, if a job posting is over 30 days old I wouldn't bother applying to it. If they have any available positions they should post them on a job site or on their website. Usually there's a job / careers section that you can brows through. If they're interested in you then they should call you back usually with in a few days to a week. A day or two after you apply on line if you're allowed to call them. Ask to speak to a manager, ask if they've received your application and if they would be interested in interviewing you.