What should I do when amazon personally delivers my package but drops it at wrong home?

I live in an apartment neighborhood. I live in one of dozens of buildings. For the second straight time the amazon delivery man (they drive an amazon van) dropped a package at the wrong building. I have no idea where.All I know is saw them turn on the wrong street (too far to wave them down). the site says delivered and has a picture....of not my doormat. i tried to wave them down as they drove by but they didnt stop. I contacted amazon and they said nothing they can do about it. Only thing I can do is hope the people drop my package off by me. if not then theyll refund or send me a replacement with a promise it wont happen a third time. i said id wait to see what happens before wanting action on their part. Now i wrote a note and left by the mailboxes hoping they see it. But what else can I do. walk in the direction I saw them turn and hope its nearby? contact them and demand they fire the driver for doing it twice. I live on the road that is the entrance to the apartments. They drove on the road to get to the area.


does your complex have a manager, and if so, would he/she allow your packages to be delivered to their office ?? another option is to have the packages delivered with a signature only............2nd one: have them delivered to your work or a person who can be trusted w/deliveries I'm a former delivery person and I worked for all of the delivery companies; we NEVER delivered to apt front doors unless the recipient requested so

Casey Y

They aren't going to fire the driver...get over that. Have all deliveries require signatures...then you wont have this issue again.


Stop ordering from them. And tell them why.

Simpson G.

Why on earth would you demand they punish the driver? What does that get you? You let Amazon handle it. Write the name of the apartment building as the company name and add any building specifics under additional instructions. And if it happens again, email Amazon and ask them to use a different delivery service.