What smart hub has the best microphone and AI?

I did it. I smashed my Alexa Echo Dot. What a complete piece of **** that thing is. It has a terrible mic. It want shut-up when I tell it too sometimes. I have to yell at it for it to hear me across the room. The intelligence is limited. The skills are not impressive of everyday useful. It never plays the song I want (that is software) I have used both AI and I have to say Google is far superior than Amazon Alexa. I wish they would just get off the market and stop selling that junk because it is useless DO NOT BUY AMAZON ALEXA ! So useless. So are there any google hubs or other makes that are super useful right now that want break the bank. I have third grade education so talk to me plainly now.


Instead of smashing it you should have tried to return it and leave a bad review for the seller. You just wasted a lot of money. This isn't really a question it's more of a rant.