Easy loans that are legitimate?

I don't have credit. What are some legitimate loan places where I can get a loan?


Payday loans are legitimate and easy if you have a steady job. HOWEVER, they are not recommended except in isolated cases.


Bank of Friends and Family


Pawn shops. They are ripoffs but they are legit. Payday lenders require paydays and bank accounts and are even bigger ripoffs. Other than those 2 or friends & family, FORGET ABOUT IT. You're delusional.


If you have poor credit, then consider borrowing money from a friend or family member. Back before I'd established my own credit, I'd on occasion use my parents' cards and then pay it off asap. As others have said, you might consider a pawn shop if that's an option in your area, but that assumes you have possessions with enough value to cover the loan, and you would then have a very limited amount of time to pay them back. Payday loans should ALWAYS be a last resort because they're almost entirely the worst sorts of lenders who will demand many times what you borrow in return. The real question is how much money and what do you need it for? I would strongly suggest that if it is a want rather than a need, then you begin working on improving your credit. Having established credit is awesome.


probably none.