I'm 28 and my mother has been opening and keeping my credit card statements without my permission. What can i do?



Assuming that you are living in your mother's home, you need to have your mail sent to a post office box or other location. If your mother is living in your home, give her a 30 day notice to move, When she asks why, tell her that you are not going to accept her taking your mail and not respecting you as an adult If you are living in your mother's home, you should be looking for a new place, to get away from her control


Start by telling her that opening someone else's mail is a federal crime. Then, if it continues and you don't or can't move out (assuming you live with your mother), get a post office box and have your mail sent there.

Casey Y

Switch to paperless and they wont be delivered by mail again.


Go to online billing only.


change the settings on your cc account. Make your account paperless, so a statement will not be mailed, it will only be available online.

amy lynn

Electronic statements sent to your email. Get a post office box. (all your mail could be sent to the PO box and then you pick it up at the post office.) Move out of mommy's house.

Wayne Z

Go paperless and have them emailed to you.

pink lemonade

Have the statements sent to a secure email instead.


I would wait until after you finish her nightly foot rub, so she’s relaxed. Make sure you have finished all of your chores so she’s in a good mood. Just before you two sit down to watch dirty little liars reruns I would hit her with the demand to stop stealing your mail. Don’t cave! She might not give you a ride to work the next few days but stand strong!

Beverly S

Get a post office box & change your address with the credit cards so they mail to the box. Or electronic billing.


Move out or get a post office box.

real estate guy

very easy. go online and stop the paper statements. You will only receive statements online. Or open up a P.O. Box or better yet, at 28, take responsibility, grow up and move to your place.


Move. Or if she lives with you, kick her out. You could ask her why? I expect she wants to make sure you are not making bad decisions. Like carrying a balance or buying bongs or whatever.


Really ?? Evidently, nothing.


sue her, or ask her politely to stop


move out


Get a P.O. box.


Ask her to stop.


Get a P.O. Box.


Send your statements to your residence instead of her's. I'm sure at 28 you're still not living with her, right? You can also get electronic statements. PS: Really? 28 and you can't figure this stuff out?


At 28 years old, why are you STiLL living with your parents like a high schooler ???