What to do if I run out of money on my discover card?

So I recently applied for a Discover it secured card and I’m enjoying it so far. I have a question about what I need to do if I don’t have any money on my account. I still got enough money on my card but I just wanted to know what I need to do if I run out of credit. Like do I mail a check or something? Any help is appreciated.


Stop spending until you pay some of it off. You do know, don't you, that you need to make payments every month when you have a balance?


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Beverly S

I'm not sure you understand how a secured card works. The money you sent them to start the account sits there - it's "security" for the bank. It's never applied to your balance unless your run out on them.. You will get a bill each month that you have to pay. You can call the number on the back & pay them anytime even if you don't have a bill. Since you have a "secured" card this means you probably had no credit or bad credit - (or you would have not had to get a secured card. Since you obviously want to better your credit there are things you need to do. Don't even get CLOSE to your limit! Never owe more than around 33% of your limit. So if your card is $1000.00 never let it get over $333.00 owed. Pay on time every month. This is a great way to start a credit history, but it can damage your score just as easily! Don't treat it like a toy.. it needs to be used only for things you would have bought anyway. Usually after about 6 months of responsible handling (meaning keeping balance low & paying on time) they will increase your limit. When they do that continue to handle it carefully. Good luck!


There IS NO money on the credit card**. You have been extended a (limited) line of credit. Every month you will get a bill (statement) and you pay [by check in the mail, w/d from bank account, by phone giving them your bank account number] within terms. ** Your security deposit is not touched (unless you default and the card is cancelled).


Mailing a check is an option, but it's slow. You can send the money faster through your computer or phone. You give them your checking account number and routing number and they can take the money from your checking account faster than the post office would deliver a paper check.


When you reach or exceed your secured card's credit limit, your card will be declined if you attempt to make additional charges before you pay down your current balance. On a secured card, you don't "run out of money", you run out of credit.


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If you mean exceed your credit limit, you cannot spend anymore. And you may incur a fee. You should be able to make an immediate online payment from their website if you have set up your checking account number and routing number. That is how I always pay. Its best to never spend over 15-20% of your limit. I owe on several cards and each is set to pay automatically on the due date. One of them is tomorrow. I do not have to do anything except have money in the bank account. Because the due date is a friday, they probably will not remove it from my account until monday but I get credit as if I paid on friday.

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i would just nnake sure you dont run out, i would call your credit card connpany and ask thenn this question


When you use the card, the company expects you to pay it back when they bill you. Basically - you pay your credit card bill and then you will have that money back on the card again. (minus any interest they may have charged)


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