Will leaving 50 or 100 on your credit card every month negativity effect your credit score?

I have a 5000 spending limit. I usually spend 300 on my credit card every month and my minimum payment is 25 but I usually pay around 200 to 250 every month and leave 50 to 100 on it. Would this negatively effect my credit rating?


Those amounts won't negatively impact your credit score.


Depends on your credit limit. If it's $200, yes. If its $5000 no. But if you mean carrying a balance you will incur interest at high rates and that's bad. If you mean in between paying it off in full, no interest will be charged. I charged up a bunch in late Dec for a promo. It was $2060 of my $12,500 limit and that dinged my score a little for a month. I paid it off friday so I expect my score will inch back up to when I did not have a $2000 balance. (But its not instant. There is a lag both ways)


Slightly, but not significantly.

amy lynn

Leaving $100 on a card with a $5,000 spending limit will have no impact on your credit score. The only impact is on your budget for paying interest on that $100.

real estate guy

YES. It makes it look like you can't pay your bills. The KEY is to ONLY! use UPTO 40% (or less) of the credit limit. ALWAYS pay it off in full each month and ALWAYS!!!!!!!! pay on time.