Can I sell homeowners, renters, and auto insurance independently or do I need to work with an agency as an employee?



You can work on your own as an "independent agent" which means you work on commission only and are not an employee. Or, you can work as an employee for another insurance agent and get paid an hourly salary. If your new, it is better to work as an employee for another insurance agent to learn the ropes, then later with experience, go to work for yourself.


You would need to follow state law as to required licenses, and also have agency contracts with the companies that are issuing the insurance that you are selling Many companies (State Farm. Allstate and others have agents who own their own insurance agency and are not company employees


In many states you need a license to sell insurance


That's up to company policy AND you would need to have a license to sell, issued by your state. You have to be tested to get one.


form yur own company according to state laws

Casey Y

1. Get a license. 2. Get E&O insurance. Most agents get this through their employer, but you could theoretically buy it yourself. 3. Get carrier appointments. Just because you have a license doesn't mean you get to write insurance for any company. You need to be appointed or at least get a brokerage contract in order to have access to carriers. Again, most people would obtain this access through their employer, but you could too. Realistically, if you are asking here, you are out of your depth and should go work for someone for at least a year.