How many hours on the weekend do insurance agents work?

I know they have to meet customers. Do they work 5 hours on the weekend? 10 hours on the weekend? 20 hours on the weekend?


It depends. You don't even say what kind of insurance agent you are. Are you a life insurance agent? A car insurance agent? Do you sell all kinds of insurance? Are you employed? Or do you have your agency? I mean, these and others are all factors. Find someone actually doing what you want to do and talk to them.


There is no world wide standard amount of weekend hours.....the individual companies set their own hours.


Some insurance agents do not work any weekends. There is no universal world wide # anyone can give you.


If you are your own boss - you set the hours. If you are working for an agency - they set the hours. In my area, it is nearly impossible to reach an insurance agent on the weekends since they have business hours Monday thru Friday from about 8 am until about 5 or 6 pm and almost never work weekends.


zero hours to what is needed


Usually only 5 - 6. Most clients don't want to give up their leisure time to see an insurance agent, but for some it's the only time they have available. Since the agent can set his/her own schedule it's up to them how many hours they work.