I decided to not go with Cobra. What are the alternatives?


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Buy insurance within 30 days of losing the other coverage.


Live without insurance and hope you don't get sick, or buy it yourself either as a private policy or via Obamacare.


Buy your own individual plan. You can buy direct from the insurer, through an agent or through your state's marketplace or healthcare.gov. Make sure the special enrollment period doesn't expire before you buy or you won't be able to.

Casey Y

You can go to the marketplace...but only if you're still within the qualifying life event period.


Cobra can serve as a life line to those facing an unexpected job loss alternative to cobra coverage you don't want to go broke either. Learn to calculate your cobra health insurance premium and being eligible for cobra doesn't necessarily mean you can afford it. Everything you need to know about cobra health insurance including but your former employee doesn't have pay a cent toward your cobra premium.