I need help finding insurance.?

I just found out that I m pregnant. The insurance I had with my parents just ended and I really don t know what to do. This wasn t planned and I m scared. Neither my or my fiance s job offer insurance. I don t know what to do, I ve looked at Humana and unitedheath but I don t qualify. Please help. What are other companies I could apply for?


No insurance company wants to accept someone who is already pregnant. You may have these options: 1. Get another job that offers insurance. 2. If you lost your old insurance recently enough, then you may be able to get insurance through the marketplace/exchange if you do not wait too long. 3. Because you are pregnant, you might qualify fmor medicaid or some other government program.

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You need to go to the marketplace for your state...there will be sections that will help you. Why did your health insurance just expire??? Did someone lose their job? If so, COBRA can be elected if there is enough time. Check your state for Family Care or other similar programs.


Go through the marketplace website in your state. It will lay out the programs you are eligible for and the cost from each company. It will tell you if you are eligible for any subsidies. Make sure that your doctor(s) and preferred hospital participate in the plan you choose.


State help (Medicaid) usually has a higher income level to qualify, if you are pregnant. Re-check it to see if you could still qualify or (not). Being pregnant, then you count as 2. If not, then guessing parents dropped you, not because you aged out, but might have done so, since getting married and "believed" that both of you should be responsible. Your only other option, would be for (either) of you to find an another job that offers health insurance. Since getting married in a month, then (whoever) gets a job with health insurance, could add the spouse to it. good luck

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None that cover pregnancy through a pre-existing condition. Open enrollment was last month. That is of course what you mean by "just ended," as that might qualify you for a special enrollment period. So, you'll want to jump on that a find out right away. If you miss the window, you're out of pocket. I'd check that first and then maybe Medicaid to see if that's an option. Just remember that insurance is for unexpected events, so you need to always have it.


Try Planned Parenthood. They are a good place for referrals. Try Blue Cross or Blue Shield, Kaiser, ect. You should fine a broker that will find you health insurance. And, you might want to post your state for more help.


Open a savings account and put every dime that is not accounted for in your BUDGET in that account for the expense. You have 9 months so get temporary part time jobs even. You knew well ahead of time your insurance was going to end (are you 26) and now you are panicking. Statistically you better get YOUR act together because when the pressure of this financial disaster hits your shack up he will be long gone. Try Blue Cross Blue Shield and perhaps any state funded ins and to get aid perhaps it is time to separate from your shack up so his income is not working against you and YOUR baby.