State Farm good student discount help?

My parents want to get my grades from last semester for a good student discount. I told them I got grades that I didn’t which was easy to do because they don’t have access to them. Now they want me to print them out to send to State Farm. Do you think I could inspect element and change them and print them out?


Lol....this is funny're not a good student or an honest student. So you want to commit insurance fraud ?

Casey Y

If you aren't even honest with your parents, I'm not surprised you are attempting to commit insurance fraud...just saying. Be honest with your will only be worse if they find out you've been lying to them for is a secondary issue to the relationship with your parents. I've reviewed these before and have caught the wont be as good as you think you are at forging me.


Do I think that you should commit fraud and possibly end up being fined, dropped by the insurance company or even charged with a felony crime? Giving the insurance company false information to get a lower rate is a crime. Usually I do not recommend that.


State Farm won't accept anything YOU submit except a form authorizing the school to send the grades directly to State Farm. YOU are the textbook example of why they only accept grades from the school.


Whatta dunce! If they buy you a car before age 35, you will be quite fortunate! LOL!!


I worked for State Farm as an Auto Underwriter several years ago and reviewed many, many of the Good Student applications. The application states what the requirements are for the discount and for the signature of the school official. We sometimes got a copy of the student's transcript along with the application. We never accepted just a statement. If something looked altered we'd either decline or ask for an alternate proof. Plus, we had the right to ask for an updated application each year to continue the discount at future renewals. Attempts at fraud are documented and become part of the policy records, something your folks probably don't want. I've had conversations with parents on why the discount was declined, they were never happy learn the reason why.


Commit fraud in order to keep your parents from finding out you lied? Your future doesn't look very good with that kind of thinking


State Farm is not going to check to see if your lying or not. If your good at changing your grades you may get away with it, but it is not right. Ask for other discounts they offer, multi-car discount, multi-line discount, good driver discount. It is better to get every discount they offer.


no, would just get your parents in trouble for fraud


To con your parent? Likely but to commit fraud? No.......... the school will get your grades directly from the school you attended, so lying con artists like you can't con their way through life without being found out