What percent of an insurance agent’s job is cold calling?



33% exactly.


Most of it.

Casey Y

Depends on the agent and type of agent. I haven't cold called in years.


Depends. If you are a P&C ( property and casualty) agent, you don't have to a lot of cold calling, However, if you are a life or health agent, you are going to be doing a lot, and I mean A LOT if you want to succeed


Some may not do any cold calling. There is NO set rule on this.


It depends on the agent. I worked in insurance for over 20 years. I never made a single cold call other than with a direct recommendation from an existing client. If you're doing a lot of cold calling you're in the wrong job. I was making over £60,000 a year in 2001, with company BMW, subsidised mortage and non-contributory pension scheme.


Agents do very little cold calling. They might have their workers do it. I cuss anyone who cold calls me. Everytime.