When i turn 26 i will lose my health insurance what should i do?

My dad has me on his health insurance but it only goes until im 26. What happens then? i only work part-time? I have depression issues and im bipolar. I have no clue what im doing with my life so i haven't got a full time job yet but i do make about $10k a year from my grocery store job.


If it were me, I'd grow up, get a full time job, and start being an adult. Well, if it were me that would have happened many years before I was 25.


Like most people your age do get a freaking full time JOB and grow the hell up. Most people are depressed at sometime or other and bi-polar is WAY over used!

Beverly S

You're an adult, why are you only working part time? Get a full time job with insurance.


You will have no insurance.


Sneak over to Canada,


Buy your own policy, or get a better job that provides health care. Why do you only work part time at 26?


go on line and apply for insurance. ALSO go on line and get a full time job.


My mom had no college degree and a job handed to her. She's less intelligent than me. Despite working 6 days a week, I was on her insurance, than dropped. Trapped living with her. I grew depressed, then she said I was " disabled". In 2 hours with a psychiatrist who got paid through backpay if my case won, I was " schizoaffective ", despite no voice hearing, hallucinations, delusions etc. From there, there was no seeking help for depression because I was trapped qith a serious label. Every doctor I visited for anything routine humiliated me so much, I quit going. So, I might has well not had insurance.


It has to shift to a unique insurance plan, under Obamcare Rules, but with Trump who knows what it is now.


You get Obamacare. You know the Affordable Heath Care Act that taxpayers paid billions to set up and Democrats said would lower all costs, and make it available and affordable for everyone.


Find a full time job that offers health insurance.


You will have to purchase health insurance or get it from an employer.

Rick B

At 26 you should be in a CAREER not a part time job. What should you do???? Get a much better job with benefits. You are an adult.


Buy insurance is what you should do.


You should try to find a job with good health insurance benefits. May try to get into the city or city hall they always have great benefits


You go to your state or federal insurance exchange that were set up under ACA in 2011 and find a plan to buy. Or, you get a job that offers health insurance. Or you find a low cost plan that covers basic needs but is not an Obamacare plan. The law that required everyone to be insured has been repealed.


I have a daughter who works part-time and last year her insurance took every bit of her income. This sucks! Just create a savings account for health/dental purposes and save as much as possible with each paycheck.


Some States are hard to get Medicaid for Bipolar disease, if that's the case, you may need to seek a job that has insurance coverage, even if it means working in a factory.....there may be different channels in your state,contact your local social services....


See if your state or local area offers it?


You’re gunna have to go to school or work full time to get Medicaid. I don’t know if a doctors note stating your disability would work.. good luck with the government shut down though. Go to School.


Not to worry! Trump told America after being sworn in that he will have health care for ALL Americans that will be better and cheaper. Don't you remember?


When you turn age 26, then go to the ACA site (Obamacare) and apply for insurance on your own. When you age out, then that would qualify you for "special" enrollment, as long as you apply w/in 60 days. With a PT job, odds are that you will qualify for a subsidy to help pay for your insurance. Or, why not ask your grocery store to go full time instead. With most grocery stores and (if) full time, then they should have health insurance as one of the benefits. Depression and bi-polar (might) be treated with RX. Do you plan on living with your parents for the rest of your life and continue to work PT?


You should buy your own health insurance. Or get a full time job that provides it.


You either buy it or go without.


Grow up, get a full time job that has health benefits, or buy health coverage yourself.



I have a question

Vote Trump out in 2020!!!! We had universal healthcare under Obama ☹️

Robert S

You get your own insurance and quit sponging off your Dad.


Unless you are using it nothing should really happen. However, when it comes tax time for next year, you will be penalized for any months you didn't have it. There are exceptions for people not making enough income.


Purchase health insurance. Go online & apply. It shouldn't cost that much.