Why do cons want to pay $14,000 a year to insurance companies and doctors than pay $5-6000 a year in taxes to support a single payer system?


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If that were the case, we'd all want to do it. I went to the doctor today and simply because I said we were cash pay, the doctor only ran the tests that she thought were absolutely necessary. If the government was paying for everything (or an insurance company), she would have ran them all. Having consumers control (or have some control) of their healthcare costs are why your numbers (despite the 100 fake sources) are wrong. If they were real, it'd already have been done.

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total BS. Made up numbers


You're saying our prices are higher because the government would do a better job? That is NOT what experts have concluded regarding our costs. All studies from our nation's best medical colleges pin the tail on these donkeys: • Admin costs -- there are more administrators than beds in some hospitals • Drug costs -- if our pharmacies could import equal quality drugs as we do cars, electronics, etc, our meds would cost less than 1/5th what we now pay. We pay as much as 100X more in some bizarre cases. • Defensive Medicine -- the fear of lawsuits pressures doctors to perform procedures and tests they'd never consider in other countries.


Where did you get these numbers? Post a link.


I dont trust the government. They screw everything up. They tax the crap out of us yet we are in debt for $21 trillion....


I pay no where near that, last year I paid about $3500 total for health care including medication, for my wife and I and that included her cataract surgery and insurance premiums That $5000 in taxes is per person, ain't no way I want to trade a cost of $3500 a year for $10000


What individual can afford to pay $14,000 a year for health insurance? Where do you get the $5,000 a year for single payer plan? Maybe that is the plan cost but you are forgetting about the tax increases required to pay for the subsidy.


There is better care when you pay and no uncertainty about it continuing into the future, unlike a government program that couldn't guarantee that. Also, some tax advantages.


Neither is good. They don't fix the cost of health care. You can't get to how costs are distributed until the system itself is restructured completely. And, neither number shown is accurate.

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Medicare - a single payer system currently in the USA. = my dad is a medicare recipient. His doctor has requested a PT Scan to determine if he has cancer. He isn't a candidate for other tests. Medicare won't approve the PT Scan. Why? because he hasn't been diagnosed with cancer yet (i.e. THAT'S THE REASON FOR THE TEST to see if he has cancer or not). The doctor has written 5 appeal letters requesting the approval of the test. It is still denied. Me = I have a genetic condition. There isn't a lot known about the condition but it actually impacts about 1-1.5% of the population. That's almost 5Million Americans. Most people don't know they have the condition and it's manifestations can be very mild to more pronounced. - ME. I live in the USA. I have a high deductible health insurance plan. I have seen medical specialist in the at Stanford Health Center & USC Keck Hospital. These are leading research facilities for the condition. Individuals how live in Canada (single payer), UK (universal health care), and Australia (universal heath care) can't get government sponsored health care for this condition. They have to pay out of pocket to see private doctors. IS THIS THE KIND OF SYSTEM YOU WANT FOR ALL AMERICANS? A system where they can't get treatment unless a government paperpusher says you can. I DON'T and I'll gladly continue to pay my $6800 deductible to keep the system we currently have.


It doesn't make sense, does it?


1. Some people have been brainwashed into thinking that the U.S will become the next Venezuela if it has single payer healthcare. 2. Some people think that single payer systems “steal” money from other people.