Cryptocurrency bible - profit strategies?

So over the past year I’ve been having a play with small amounts of money trading crypto. I plan to start spending a couple of hours a day with a much larger amount of money ( few thousand) to start making a second income. I have been searching for a book or guide full of strategies and how to analyse the market etc with no results. Does anyone know of any books that has everything you need to day trade. Things such as strategies, market analysis etc?

Maestro Sartori

Cryptocurrency is like throwing your money at a dart board and the only chance of winning is hitting the very center of the bulls eye. It happens, but very rarely. There is no strategy because it's a relatively new concept based on hype. There is nothing that determines its intrinsic value. In the last year, it's been highly regulated so there is no run ups - namely because so many lost their shirts buying the run up in 2017. Any digital currency, irregardless of what it's technology represents, that resides outside of bitcoin, is 99 percent worthless because its value is basically determined by what bitcoin is doing. There are a few that are not. That would be where I would focus. The only way to make any money at it is if you have 1 million dollars to throw at it and forget about. I'm sure yes, it will go up again eventually. This because the technological future necessitates its use. Having a couple of thousand dollars is not a big investment. Thats just throwing money at it in the hopes it will have another run up like it did. In reality it's been hovering steady between 33 and 3600 back and forth for some time. Buy the dips and sell the highs. Wash rinse repeat. At this point, pot stocks are a much better investment if you want to gamble.


not investing. gambling with very bad odds.