Good cannabis stocks?

listed on the nyse?

Maestro Sartori

Cronos is my number one. I cashed in all my Apple three weeks ago for Cronos and I'm glad I did. Most other weed stocks are either hype or have reached their present potential. My second would be Aphria followed by canopy growth. All three have invested in American markets because they see legalization on the horizon. I do not really pay attention to the penny weed stocks unless I have a substantial gain from a more established cannabis company. A lot of that is speculative and more than often results in losses.


I still think that US Cannabis Stocks are risky since Cannabis is federally illegal. Canada has several cannabis Stocks and it is legal there. When Jeffrey Sessions was Attorney General, there was uncertainty whether or not he would go after the Cannabis Industry as he is opposed to the Plant.


None. 95% chance you will lose lots of money. Although NYSE makes it somewhat better than the tons of scams.