What is your take on the Robinhood investing app?


A nobody

The firm is a registered broker dealer that provides their clients an on-line service, as do most brokerage firms. However, the firm does not enjoy a very respectable reputation and does not provide the products and services offered by such more reputable firms. The firm is used primarily by those investors that have little or no investing experience, the firm is not for those that "trade". To indicate the lack of experience, most users refer to the firm as an APP, not as a brokerage firm. As usual, I agree with Judy - you get what you pay for,


Its cheap but bare bones. If your budget only allows picking up a few shares at a time it does the job, but I prefer all of my other brokers better, getting good information is worth the few bucks when it comes to investing.


you get what you pay for. It's free. Sounds like its reporting is weak but haven't checked it out closely


They have an agressive advertising campaign.

Qidong Jiangsu