What should Millennials invest in, Any great financial advise for someone on the right path?

I am looking to invest and have a balanced portfolio but, idk what to invest in. Bonds,ETFs, Mutual funds, Stocks, Reits!...I am seeking financial guidance from people with experience and Pro investers. Thank You to all responders !


This site is for the unemployed and retired and kids. You need a Financial Advisor.


The historical compounded average annual return of the U.S. stock market since 1950 has been about 11%. If you invest $150 each month into a low-fee, broad market mutual fund, and the stock market gives the same return, it should grow to $1.3 million in 40 years.

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stick with mutual funds that have been around at least 10 years with a proven track record of beating the market averages for their investment types. If possible, invest within a ROTH IRA. This means your money will be tax-free at retirement.