What would you do with $5000?

Just got $5k in accident settlement. Would you invest it or just blow it in Vegas?


invest it


$5k is just a couple months rent. You should use it wisely if you ever want to be in the position to not have to ask.


find a good business and make a profit


I would have invested it in the stock market especially high dividend yielding stocks.


Neither Just put it my emergency fund Already done Vegas, no reason to go back

Jerry S

invest it in a conservative Exchange Traded Fund or a conservative mutual fund.

Maestro Sartori

If you have anything that's eating away at your monthly expenses that can be paid off, do that first and foremost. Use the rest, if any, for a cushion. That is not a lot of money and there is no quick way, outside of something illegal, to substantially increase its value. If you want to "invest", put it on something like Apple and throw away the key. Don't try to use that 5k daytrading on robin hood or something. You will lose it.

tiescore: Compromise

Compromise: Buy a Casino stock.


I've got lots of credit card debt, so I would put it on that.


Invest it


$5000 is not a lot of money these days. You might make a little money over time if you invest it. You would probably lose it all if you go to Vegas. If you have credit card debt, it would be good to pay down that debt to avoid high interest charges. If you buy a new car, it'll reduce your monthly payment a little bit. If you buy a new home, it'll hardly make a dent. If you buy a brand new large-screen TV and sound system, you would be more enjoyment out of it. Or you could pay the medical bills from your accident, which was the intended purpose.


I’d put it on my mortgage.


I would play slots until the money ran out and videotape it!