Will Bitcoin reach a new all time high?



Not anytime soon. The only reason bitcoin was trading at 20,000+ is because of all the hype. The hype has been over for a while now and Bitcoin is now trying to find a more realistic value. If it does make a new all time high it will most likely be several years from now and something fundamentally changing to where the bitcoin hype picks back up.


Do not bet on it.

محمد - نور بروق

Hello, I add, be careful Bitcoin may is not wrong but there are enemies, however any western culture connect it with the east as china but not the western political systems even if it become good because it are criminals and viruses for all the world and the east cancel its evil, but personally I tend to Deal with paper money because it are delicious and have taste more, in other hands we in the age of uses the world currencies but not one currency only, but I am not against any currency e.g. I am not USA dollar or England pound.. where it are refer to country economic but not for its political system, but the deal with world currencies instead one because some country not ready to give liquidity from money even the people need but another agree give liquidity from money anytime there are justifications although the all are Ligar of its money and not desire to give it but these country not prevent it never if there are justification because it work logically but not emotionally. e.g. I has the now china yuan although I am Palestinian live in Jordan although Jordanian Dinar is not bad for me but it be optional as the anothers. but be careful deal with small amount of foreign money the now as worth converting 10 dollars because we in moved stage and need some time.


Anything is possible, but I don't expect to see it in my lifetime. And with each year that passes, the price it must attain to reach an inflation-adjusted equal to its previous high just keeps going up and up. 10 years from now it might have to hit $2,500 or more to be worth what that previous high was worth at the time.


Absolutley, the better question is when. If it happens in 50 years, not really gonna help you much. I personally think its like art - the value goes up and down with trends and fancies and generally trends slowly up with inflation but can do almost anything in the short run. My guess is it won't do much for at least 10 years, may keep going down and stabilize or may stabilize near its current level but not going up anytime soon but then again I didn't think it would go up last time either.

Casey Y

Probably not, I would assume we are well beyond the point where bitcoin will even approach to its own historical highs...


Certainly not anytime soon.


Yes, last year it reached its all time peak of nearly $20,000. At the moment the price is still falling - dead cat bounce.


Not anytime in the next 10-20 years. Anyone would be crazy to get involved in Bitcoin right now as it's expected to drop even further