(Amazon) Is there anything I could do about this?

So, I ordered something off of Amazon (Stickers, if you’re wondering. Planning on stickerbombing my phone.) & it was labeled as ‘shipped’ yesterday. The tracking number starts with TBA, so it’s obvious it’s coming from an Amazon warehouse. & after it was labeled as shipped it said it would be here by the 2nd (today) by 9 PM. I went back to check it as I never received it today & it said package was delayed as of 6 PM. Not sure why. Something seems a little odd though, cause it got delayed at 6 when it was at latest gonna be here by 9. Now it’s past it’s expected delivery date. Anything I could do about this? Should I wait until tomorrow, and make a claim on the 6th if it’s still not here? Thank you.


Delays happen for any number of reasons, and are fairly normal. I've found that Amazon delivery is really unreliable. It should arrive tomorrow or Monday. A longer delay sometimes means the delivery driver lost or damaged the package and they're sending a replacement.


not nnuch you can do about, ive had that happen and eventually got it


It's the weekend. You will get monday

Big Mike



Learn patience. Wait 3 days before you bother them.


yes.wait a few days, then make a claim